Professional Standards

It is the policy of the Watchung Police Department to meet or exceed all applicable accreditation standards promulgated by the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) and to maintain accredited status at all times.

Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven method of assisting law enforcement agencies to calculate and improve their overall performance. The foundation of Accreditation lies in the adoption of standards containing a clear statement of professional objectives. Participating agencies conduct a thorough self-analysis to determine how existing operations can be adapted to meet these standards and objectives. When the procedures are in place, a team of trained, independent assessors verifies that the applicable standards have been successfully implemented. The Watchung Police Department is proud to have achieved and maintained accreditation status since 2013.

The Accreditation Manager provides liaison to NJSACOP for all accreditation matters. They also assist in identification and development of new programs, systems, procedures, or equipment to improve performance of the agency in compliance with applicable standards, they are responsible for the drafting of new written directives to achieve accreditation objectives, and they maintain the Department's master and archive files of written directives. Most importantly, The Accreditation Manager shall ensure that the NJSACOP Standards are kept current and shall replace them with updated versions when they become available. 

Accreditation Manager:

Lieutenant Peter LaVecchia

Phone Contact:

908-756-3663 x123

E-Mail Contact:

NJ State Chiefs Accreditation Badge