Persons With a Disability Temporary Parking Placards

The application to obtain a temporary parking placard is available at the NJ MVC website by clicking here. Once the form is completed and certified by a medical practitioner, it can be dropped off at Police Headquarters with a $4.00 check made payable to NJ MVC. 

NJ Motor Vehicle Crash Self Report

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and the police did not investigate it, you may file an NJSR-1 Form after the fact to report the accident to NJ MVC. The form contains instructions on how to properly complete it.

Watchung Police Incident Self Report Form

This form can be used to report incidents in which the police were not called to investigate. It is typically used to report lost or missing property that does not have a nexus to a broader crime. Click here for a copy.

Alarm Questionnaire

For commercial and residential properties with alarm systems. Complete the form and submit it to Watchung Police so we have accurate contact information in case of emergency. The form is avaialble at this link.

OPRA Request Form

Requests for Government Records may be made by completing a Borough of Watchung Government Records Request Form, which is available at this link.

Special Needs Report Form

For any residents that have special needs children or adults residing with them. Complete this form to provide critical information to Watchung Police for use in the event of emergencies. A copy of the form is available at this link.