Firearms Information

Most applications pertaining to firearms are now done online through the New Jersey State Police FARS portal. Any party applying for an initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, application to purchase a handgun, change of Name on Identification Card, change of address on Identification Card, change of Sex on Identification Card, or an Electronic Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (for duplicate or lost Identification Card) must use the portal to complete their application.

Clicking the button below will direct you to the New Jersey State Police FARS portal, where you may begin the application process. Please enter the correct ORI code for Watchung Police when prompted.

Any party wishing to apply for a Permit to Carry a Handgun (Concealed Carry) must apply in person at their local police department. Residents of the Borough of Watchung must schedule an appointment with Sgt. James Kimock to complete their application process. Sgt. Kimock can be reached at 908-756-3663 x 121. Prior to making your appointment, please download and review the following PDF files:

Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun PDF
Consent For Mental Health Records Search PDF

The New Jersey State Police Firearms Unit also maintains an informative webpage that has answers to frequently asked questions about firearms laws. You may access their webpage by clicking this link

If you have additional questions please contact Sgt. James Kimock at 908-756-3663 x 121.

Watchung ORI # NJ0182100